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    Traveler's Checklist

    Before you travel, this checklist will help you to prepare for a safe and healthy trip:

    • Schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider well in advance of your trip.

    • Get needed vaccines for your destination.

    • Check insurance coverage for travel abroad, including coverage for emergency transportation back to the U. S.

    • Have your insurance information cards and claim forms with you.

    • Get a letter from your healthcare provider regarding your health history, medicines, allergies, and vaccine records.

    • Have an emergency release form.

    • Complete the inside page of your passport with important identification and emergency contact information.

    • Have an ample supply of medicine, including extra in case your return home is delayed. Keep all prescription and over-the-counter medicines in original, labeled containers. Don't use pill cases or other unlabeled containers.

    • Carry along extra prescriptions, as well as a letter from your healthcare provider explaining your need for the medicine. Some countries have strict laws for narcotics.

    • Carry along the generic names of your medicines. Pharmaceutical companies overseas may use different names from those in the U. S.

    • If you wear glasses, take an extra pair with you.

    • As an extra precaution, pack extra eyeglasses and medicine in carry-on luggage in case checked baggage is lost.

    • Consider wearing a "medical alert" bracelet if you have allergies or reactions to medicines, insect bites, certain foods, or other unique medical problems.

    • Pack a travelers' first aid kit for on-the-road emergencies. Visit the CDC website for a complete list of what to include. 

    • Discuss with your healthcare provider how you will take medicine as you cross time zones.

    • Pack epinephrine and antihistamines if you have severe allergies. They should always be kept within close reach. 

    • Check with the American Embassy or Consulate to ask about the types of medicines allowed into the country you are visiting.

    Online Medical Reviewer: Barry Zingman MD
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    Date Last Reviewed: 3/1/2019
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