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    For Your Child

    Sleep, Exercise, Screen Time: Help Your Teen Adopt Healthy Habits
    Only 5% of U.S. teens are getting enough sleep and exercise, according to a recent study. Here's how you can help your teen.

    Prepare Your Kids for a Healthy School Year
    In addition to buying school supplies and digging out backpacks, it’s important to focus on a few health-related “to-dos” as your kids head back to school.

    Updated Guidelines for Managing Concussions in Kids
    Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) updated its guidelines for managing concussions in children and adolescents for the first time since 2010.

    Extended Rear-Facing: The Safest Way for Kids to Ride
    Many parents are eager for the day when they can turn the car seat to a forward-facing position. But before you do the switcheroo, review the latest advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

    Add Some Play to Your Child’s Day
    Allowing kids time to play may be more important to their development than many people realize.

    Cultivating Curiosity in Kids Is Key for Academic Success
    A recent study showed that kids who were very curious had stronger reading and math skills.

    How to Talk with Your Child About School Shootings
    Start by asking your child what he or she has heard. This will give you a sense of what information your child already knows.

    5 Tips for Surviving Baby’s First Year
    From soothing to sleeping to teething, these five tips can help you not only survive baby’s first year, but perhaps even thrive.

    Juuling: The Newest Tobacco Trend Aimed at Youth
    Using e-cigarettes makes youth more likely to say that tobacco isn’t dangerous. Those who used e-cigarettes were also more likely to say they planned to smoke cigarettes in the future.

    Your Little Yogi: Getting Your Child Started with a Yoga Practice
    Yoga brings together mind and body, involving a combination of postures, breathing techniques, and meditation. It’s also proven to be a safe therapy for children dealing with emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral challenges.

    Is Your Child Sick? When to Call the Doctor
    It’s tough to know whether home remedies, such as rest and drinking plenty of fluids, are enough or if the situation warrants calling the doctor. This symptom guide can help you know what’s worrisome and what’s not.

    Are 2-Wheeled Boards Too Dangerous for Kids?
    Also known as self-balancing or two-wheeled boards, these toys can be a fun way to get around—but are they safe for kids?
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